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 First, let me tell you a bit about myself.  I’m Christine Swenton, a soon to be graduating EM resident at UFJax. However I’m originally from Oklahoma, and my medical school didn't have any real exposure to EM.  Once I decided on matching in EM I found it difficult navigating through the match process without mentors in EM. I seemed to get through okay with collecting a hodgepodge of information here and there, but it's unsettling to know that other 4th year medical students are sort of reinventing the wheel year after year.   In reality there is a large community of academic EM faculty reaching out to students, but I am reminded that there is still a lot of darkness for medical students that are in the same position that I once was in.  This website is created with the intention of bringing light to the subject of how to match into emergency medicine, especially to those who may not have access to EM mentors....and hopefully limits medical students investing in wheel parts. Check out my Tributes page for Big Thanks for everyone that helped make this possible. 

From UFJax to the rest of the country,

Christine Swenton, MD

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