This project was made as a senior project, and is my effort to 'pay it forward' in the field of Emergency Medicine.  I am reminded that my project would have never been able to reach medical students like you (i.e. people like me a couple years ago), if it hadn't been for others paying it forward as well. Once again I send out a HUGE thanks to the Emergency Medicine faculty that are highlighted on the main page for letting me interview, record, and quote well as steal pictures from their professional websites to make my site look more professional. 

Additionally, there were many others who took part, gave direction, and helped make this project fly. I cannot forget Dr.  Faheem Guirgis, Dr. Colleen Kalynych, Dr. Richard Westenbarger (a.k.a. Mentor) and (future Dr.) Steven Chadwick. You really are appreciated!

 However,  my project would have never made it anywhere past an idea in my head if it wasn't for two of the most awesome EM attendings I know.--Dr. David Caro and Dr. Tom Morrissey.  When I was interviewing for a residency positions, I was looking for good people to be on my side. I happened to get lucky because don't think I could have found better resident advocates than these two individuals.  I appreciate it all--from the first time the idea was scribbled down onto paper, pulling strings on my behalf, stepping in to move things along when the load was too heavy, editing out inappropriate apostrophe's and correcting spellnig errors. Your support and advocating for my project was what enabled me to get this out to medical students at SAEM's National Conference. You made it fun, you made it worthwhile. Let's hope that our plan to light up the world of Emergency Medicine actually works!

Dr. David      Caro MD

 Dr. Tom Morrissey MD

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